MX Sharpener

The MX tool sharpener allow the users of INCIMAR’s engraving machines to sharpen, in a very precise and fast way, the engraving tool, either for marble and granite.

Thanks to the two sharpener’s heads it is possible to sharpen the tools with almost every angle.

With the second head it is possible to remove the metal from the tool’s body in order to give the tool a longer life, allowing the user to sharpen even more the tool itself.

The sharpener has also an arm light, to light up the the operation area, and an optional small dust extractor, inside the base, to remove all the metallic dust.

It is possible to mount, on the MX sharpeners, three types of grindstones:

  • Diamond
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Aluminum Oxide

While the diamond and silicon carbide grindstone are used to sharpen the tools, the aluminum oxide one is used to remove the metal from the tool’s body.

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