MG H20


Evolution doesn’t stop.

Born from passion and technology today we present the MG H20

This brand new engraving machines can be used either dry, with a really efficient dust extractor to remove almost completely the dust, or with the tool water cooled.


MG H20 is equipped with the brand new robotic CyberHead.

This head is especially studied to:

  • protect the tool body
  • keep the spindle protected from the dust
  • allow an almost complete dust removal
  • efficiently direct water on the tool while engraving.

CyberHead, a new robotic head projected to be efficient either when removing the dust with the dust extractor and when used with water cooling

When used with water cooling options enabled, the tanks under the work area receive the water mixed to dust. The decantation system “clean” the water before it is sent back to the spindle.

The complete water cycle is handled automatically by the new software INCX2

INCX2 allow a complete automatic workflow of the machine, now with the new automatic multipass strategy option: with this new feature the machine automatically subdivide the project in multiple pass and change the engraving tool based on the consumption of it.



CyberHead in action (click the image to see the animation)


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