MG 2.0



MG 2.0 – The New Advanced Way Of Engraving


Incisografo MG 2.0

Developed following the historical passion of INCIMAR for technologies and innovation the MG 2.0 includes many important innovations.

A strong mechanical structure, able to support heavy weights, a working area of 2200×1300 mm, with an excurions on the Z axis of 200mm, a 10 position tool magazine, the automatic tool calibration, a software totally rewritten, that allows more flexibility and reduced work time.

The new spindle is internally pressurized. Doing this the marble or granite dust will never reach the ball bearings, extending the life of the spindle.

The spindle is also water cooled. The constant temperature is guaranteed also for very long engravings. All the tool are ISO 30 and they are changed automatically when the project need them.

The spindle can reach 30.000 rpm.

Mandrino Incisografo MG 2.0
Motori Ethercat

The electronic has been totally renewed. The machine now uses motors with integrated ethercat drivers.

This technologies allow us a complete, total control of the machine and a deep diagnostic of every components of the MG 2.0.

With this new technology the console is smaller, compact, and everything is more efficient and secure.

Along with these innovations the machine mounts a 3D laser sensor, able to acquire 3D models on marble, granite, wood, plastic, silver and other materials, and able also to acquire the surface of the working piece, in order to have a perfect execution regardless of the section of the slab, even on book shaped pieces.

The new control software decides, for each components, which tool to use based on the consumption of it.

Also the “Smart Execution” groups the components of a project in order to lower the tool changes during execution to save time.


Here a short video demonstration of the machine


In this video you can see the tipical works of the new MG 2.0 machines. Perfection is normal with this machine.