Engraving Machine MI

A new product from INCIMAR, the Engraving Machine MI

Builded following the same criteria of precision and quality that historically INCIMAR has ever followed, this engraving machine compress all the latest technologies used also on the MG 2.0 and MG h20

The main characteristics are:

  • Work Area of 1300x1200mm
  • Automatic tool change, 5 positions available
  • Sensor for the automatic calibration of the tool being used
  • 3D laser to acquire the surface of the slab to be engraved and to acquire a real 3D model to be later reproduced or modified
  • Remote control unit
  • ISO 30 Spindle, internally pressurized to avoid damages on the ballbearing from marble dust
  • CyberHead, the dust extractor head, build to protect the spindle and optimized to better remove the dust
  • INCX, the software motion control and composer that optimize the production and the tools used during engraving
  • Preloaded library of 2D, 3D and alphabets models

The engraving machine MI is the one to be used for the funeral art and also to create models and plates for the houses

Technology used for the axis of the machine is the best actually available and let this machine be the most precise and robust on the market.

Motors and control axis unit are based on Ethercat technology, and this allow our software INCX to constantly monitor the funtioning parameters of the machine, the temperature, the torque, and every possible anomaly that may incur during operations.

It is also possible to remote control the machine and integrate it, thanks to the possible software customization, in the production worlflow of your workshop

For any other information do not exitate to contact us ad +39-051-6836501