INCIMAR was born in 1945 from a simple but effective idea: allow everyone, not only artist, to be a sculptor and to engrave on marble and granite, through its machines, drawing and bas-reliefs.

Through the years INCIMAR machine evolved, in the materials, in the technology, in the models.

From the manual machine, from the old 900/90 through 700/70 until the recent MC800 and MC1000, we have builded the most effective and precise computer controlled engraving machine, with a strong mechanical structure and a fast and efficient software.

From the first one, the MD, we have always improved the electronics and the possibilities of our machines, and now, with the new MG 2.0, we have created the top engraving machine for the years coming.

New ethercat technology, new software, new models, new possibility with the automatic tool change, the first hybrid machine, that can work dry or with water.

INCIMAR, a small but extremely dynamic company, has thousands of customers, from the small ones, to governative ones, that produce everything starting from very simple plate to complex artistic monumental works.